The real story of the 500 year old frozen girl was revealed

These worlds we're living in really have lots of mysteries and happenings that are beyond our imaginations. Luckily the story behind the 500 year old frozen girl nicknamed "The maiden" was finally released.

According to scientific experiments, this Inca girl was only 15 years old and her body which is frozen was found on the Argentinian volcano llullaillaco in the 1999. This volcano was said to have a 6739 meters high summit and was being explored at the time when the expedition came across the Inca girl.

Some said that she was chosen by the Inca people to live with their gods but the sad truth is that she was only sacrificed to the gods for their religion. Her body was so preserved that it seemed so fresh as if she just passed away recently. But the truth is that her body had been dead for 5 centuries.

It was also mentioned that the scientists discovered some bacterial infection when she was sacrificed.